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Welcome to Annihilation Softwares!
This is the home of Annihilation Softwares, a family software company with a goal of bringing the best of family entertainment!

We have been in business for over 12 years. We first started out as Patrick Programming, selling Demos and Full Version windows\dos games on floppy discs. We made a few game hacks and a few Eat-man games under this name. We then became known as Hypercube Software, and created more software titles. We changed our name again to Annihilation Softweres and here we are today!
Our most poular titles right now are Eat-Man and Pea-Guy Fangames.

Eat-man is Pac-man Clone, and in that series of games he does other things like jump, shoot, use mines, and even do classic mazes like Pac-man.
Pea-Guy is a game by Astral Entertainment that we got permission to make a game for. He is also a Pac-man Clone but more geared tword Puzzles and non dot eating.

Here we will display the game that has been updated most resently:

Virus Alert 1.3 and Pea-Guy In: the Nth Nasty Lord SE Final Preview is here!

Final Preview of the Nth Nasty Lord is here and the release of Virus Alert! 1.3

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