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Planet Annihilation

Project Cyborg
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A brand new Tactics RPG with 2 different stories!


The year is 4097, and the Allied Galaxies of Robots have assembled. Cyborgs have invaded a nearby outpost and have commited an act of war according to the AI treaty. Your Mission if  choose to accept it, is to take a strike team and rescue the surviving robots. Then with the surviving robots launch a strike into the heart of the Cyborg homeworld.

Story 1 contains an epic storyline, 2-D Special effects, Space battles outside of ships, inside of ships, on planets and inside buildings. Different places means different tactics to win. Includes variable AI for battle, Difficulty levels, and mini games for chances to win items or coins. Will feature a save system as well

Which side will win? You decide!

Story 2 Consists of the Cyborgs trying to take over the robot galaxies planet by planet until they reach the source of all robots!

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