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Planet Annihilation


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Info about Astral Entertainment and Pea-Guy

Astral Entertainment Created the Pea-Guy Series, first called Pac-Guy it was considered to be a Pac-Man ripoff with style. They had 10 games on their first CD, 1 on the second, 3 on the third, and 3 on the fourth. The fifth was just a collection of stuff never released. We had played all the games by them, and we created Pea-Guy in: The Nth Nasty Lord, and some of Murdies Revenge. Murdies revenge was lost and never remade. We are working on restoring it.

Astral Entertainment

Info on Merdie's Revenge

In Merdie's Revenge the story was Merdie had been released from the Spirit World after Pea-Guy had put his old friend to rest. He then began to merge Pea-Guy's world and an alternate reality where Kan and his Nasties are good guys, Pea-Guy and his band of friends are bad. After meeting the good Kan, Pea-Guy sets out to distroy his bad friends and stop Merdie.

Info on Pea-Guy in the Nth Nasty Lord

Pea-Guy in: The Nth Nasty Lord was a game we made under contract with Astral Entertainment. We are currently Remaking it as a Special Edition game with more storyline and more features! We have a preveiw for download that will tell u a bit about the game.

Storyline of the game

The start of the game picks up where Pea-guy and the Mortuator found the Mortuator's Half Burnt, Half Stupid brother. Kodoe was in Kan's Tower and needed some help. He was tricked into wearing a crown and was being put under Ultimenasenshun's control. Then after that, Pea-Guy's old friend, came and started messing with his dreams. Then Pea-Guy gets out of his dreams and gets a little ticked at him. Eventully Pea-Guy's old friend sucks Peatoria into the spirit realm because he is so mad at Pea-Guy. Pea-Guy has to locate and storm his old friend's castle in order to restore things back to the way they were.

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